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Founders Share Their Feelings

What do you love most about each other?

Ash: Where do I even begin? Our relationship has taught me more than any other. She has opened my eyes to a world where women respect and support one another and lead with kindness. Her trust in me has allowed me to learn to trust myself and ultimately others.

G: Ashley is like a Jaguar. You talk about an idea, something that’s needed to bring it to life and she focuses so intensely and works so hard, it appears. She is also the most profound connector of people, always finding ways to be of service and provide value to others.

What have you learned most about each other?

Ash: If you don’t learn how to show up for yourself, you can’t actually show up for others in a healthy and useful way.

G: We can always go from good to great.

Share something most people don't know about Gianna/Ashley

Ash: She is a total softy! Like tears up on the reg - which I of course now do as well.

G: She sings all the time, thank goodness she’s got an amazing voice.