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Quilt Coworking + Beyond

What is a Quilt Coworking Day?

It’s a 4-hour coworking session designed to foster connection and encourage productivity.

How is the day set up?

4 Hour session: Arrive, post your task for the day and an ask to the group. Then it's all about productivity (get sh*t done)

Why is the session structured this way?

The first hour is focused on women connecting and supporting one another. The rest of the time is designed to encourage productivity through accountability. Our sessions are structured this way so that we can make the most out of the day. Connection and productivity is essential for professional growth and support and accountability is essential for a community.

When do coworking days take place?

Quilt Hosts are open on Wednesdays for morning and afternoon sessions. Quilt is a day-to-day booking system so you can choose if you want to continue going to the same home each week or if you want to switch it up. Upcoming coworking days are listed below in our calendar.

What else is a Gathering?


In addition to Wednesday co-working sessions, we are hosting weekly Coffee + Chat on Tuesday & Thursday mornings for one hour in LA, SF and NYC. During this time, one of our hosts will facilitate a conversation for the community out of their homes. Topics will range from leadership, to fundraising, to relationships.


We also collaborate with other women led organizations and teachers to create learning experiences for our community. This can be a panel discussion, a class on an industry topic such as marketing or accounting or a workshop ranging from meditation, to refining your negotiation skills.