What if a guest disrespects my home or disrupts the experience?
As the Host you should feel empowered to handle a disruption in your home the way you see fit. That said, we are here to support you and handle any situation you feel has gotten out of hand. Please contact us immediately if this is the case. The best email to reach us is:
As a Host, do I need to have renters or homeowners insurance?
Yes. By listing your home and approving our Terms & Conditions, you are agreeing that you have either renters or homeowners insurance.
As a Host, do I have control over who books to work from my home?
Yes, you do! Each guest needs to be approved by the host in order to attend a co-working session or gathering in your home. We strongly urge you to approach approving your guests with an open mind.
Why use Quilt over a coffee shop or co-working space?
There are many reasons why using Quilt is a better option. Some women use Quilt as their main co-working option, others use it as a compliment to their existing one. By using Quilt, you are not only financially supporting another woman, but also putting yourself in a supportive environment where it's safe to ask questions and collaborate with other like-minded entrepreneurs. You may not be aware of it yet, but the space you work in and the people you surround yourself with matters. Quilt allows you to be a lot more selective in order to produce your best work.
Is Quilt for networking?
While we don't love the word, yes. Using Quilt is a wonderful way to thoughtfully grow your network. In one month, showing up to a Quilt house 1 time a week, you can meet more than 40 new women.
What is the cancelation policy for Guest and Host?
You may cancel your listing or booking 12 hours or more before the scheduled start time. If you cancel as a guest, with 12 hours or more before the scheduled start time, your money will be credited back to your account. If you cancel as a host, with 12 hours or more before the scheduled start time, you will not make money for that session. If you cancel as a guest, within the 12 hour time frame, your money will not be credited back to you and will still go to the host. If you cancel as a host, within the 12 hours time frame, you will not collect any payment from guests and will receive a strike from Quilt. Up to 3 strikes and your profile may be suspended. If you would like to avoid this, you may find a co-host who can be an admin and be present in your space for the session to still go on while you're out.
As a Host, must I be present for the full session or may I run out for a meeting or to run an errand
Quilt requires that a host is present for the duration of the 3 hour session. If something comes up, where you will not be present, you may find someone you trust to co-host for you that day. If you do decide to step out of your home during a session, and something happens, Quilt is not responsible.
Is there a monthly membership option?
At this time, no, there is not. The day pass option was intentional and based off of feedback from our community. We purposely made sure the day rate was low enough, where if you wanted to book daily, the price point would still come in under the majority of co-working spaces. If we were to discount pricing, it would take away money from our Host and we don't want to do that!
Are men allowed?
No, they're not.
Why is Quilt female-only?
There are a few reasons why we are an female-only community. Safety is important to us and to our community. Women feel more comfortable inviting other women into their home. That goes for women in the U.S. and abroad, where we hope to grow quickly. It is also important to us that women support other women both professionally and financially. After spending two years building community for women, where men could be present, we learned that it drastically alters the women's interactions with one another. So for now, we are female only.
As a Host, can I change the dates/times of my listing?
Can I change the dates and times I'm open?
Yes! You can easily Manage Bookings and change dates and times as you need to. Please make sure to review our cancellation policy and try your best to make changes outside of 12 hours or before guests begin booking your sessions.
What size should the photos for my listing be?
Ideally they should be 895px x 554px. Here is a great tool to help you crop the photos:


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